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[Retail] SQL Server 2019 Standard for (1 device)

LKR 16,350.00

  • Deliver within 24 Hours
  • You will receive 1x SQL Server 2019 Standard Retail key for 1 user.
  • Key is valid for lifetime.
  • Fast and convenient product delivery via email
  • 100% authentic licenses


Users who purchase a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 User CAL license are committed to quality that has grown for decades. The SQL Server relational database management system was originally developed in 1989 with the aim of providing company departments or programs / applications with quick and easy access to the data records they needed. This has not changed in Microsoft SQL Server 2019 user CALs. However, there were several significant leaps in development, making the software solution increasingly powerful. This performance increase also took place from version 2017 to 2019. Microsoft has improved its offering in all areas.


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